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What’s detox

Here is the logic of ayurveda cleanse. Ayurveda explains that our body has three functional zones. They are the gut, fluids and tissues. Gut stands for all organs of excretion. Nutrients move from gut to tissues via fluids. Wastes in the reverse order. Toxins also need to be expelled in reverse order, i.e. tissues >fluid > gut. First phase of cleanse requires 1) breaking toxins in the tissues 2) flush them out into the fluids. Phase two includes extracting toxins from fluids and push into the gut and finally 3rd phase will include removing toxins out of the gut. Unfortunately, most expensive cleanses only care for the stage one and the toxins are left stranded in the fluid. Once you stop the cleanse, these toxins return to your weak tissues and restart the disease.

REASON 1: Jumpstart a healthier lifestyle

A cleanse can help jumpstart a healthy habit change. Some like to do a cleanse before starting a new diet or fitness routine. Others like a cleanse because it helps reinforce how a healthy diet can make you feel. If you’re looking to make a significant healthy lifestyle change a cleanse will get you started on the right track.

REASON 2: Restore energy

Unfortunately, many of the foods and drinks we consume on a daily basis have unnatural additives. Although most of these have been deemed safe, your body cannot always purge these additives thoroughly. The accumulation of these chemicals over time can cause reduced energy levels. A cleanse can help even your body get rid of the buildup and restore energy levels.

REASON 3: Clear up blemishes for perfect skin!

For many people with the concern of breakout, a full body cleanse helps to improve skin even when more traditional treatments haven’t helped. A full-body cleanse helps to pull toxins out of the body that are present in our organs including the skin.

REASON 4: Healthy Eating

In our modern world, eating all-natural foods isn’t always possible. Over time, eating packaged foods with preservatives and additives increases the buildup of unnecessary chemicals in your body. If you never let up, the chemicals continue to accumulate. Removing all these foods from the diet and consuming only natural foods will allow your body to purge. While this metaphor isn’t necessarily pleasant, think of a cleanse as “cleaning the gutters”. After a cleanse, the body is clean and “pure” again. Be careful what you consume as the buildup will start over again.

REASON 5: It’s easier than you think

A cleanse doesn’t have to be super invasive or disruptive. Do a little research and find one that fits your lifestyle and budget. Vibrant Health Vibrant Cleanse is a great and easy option to jump start your detox. This simple and delicious lemonade drink flushes out your system and leaves you feeling clean and uh-mazing inside. Give it a try and let us know how you feel in the comments section. Or if you’ve cleansed in the past, share your tips!